Mboho Anam Asssociation

Mboho Anam Association...Unity, Peace and Progress.

i. Every member shall be entitled to the rights and privileges as provided for in this constitution or in any other Rules and Regulations for the time being in force in the Association or as shall be made from time to time.

ii. Every member shall be loyal and show a sense of belonging to the Association through active participation in its affairs and/or activities and by carrying out all lawful instructions and observe al lawful orders which may from time to time be handed down.

iii. A member shall have a right to vote and be voted for in any approved Association’s elections, provided that such a member is an active member of the Association.

iv. A member shall show devotedness to his duties/assignments.

v. A member shall attend meetings and engagements of the Associations regularly.

vi. Every member shall pay his levies promptly and such other fees as may from time to time be prescribed.

vii. Every member shall strive at promoting brotherly love and unity in the Association and shall also promote encourage, support and sustain the welfare or well being of the individual members of the Association.

viii. A member shall not by any act or omissions do or suffer to be done or say anything which may be detrimental to the interest or tarnish or portray the image of the Association in bad light.